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Post by Eladya » 13 Jun 2018 18:51

Hello everybody, my name is Ario and i come from Milan Italy, age 31 and i like a lot to play mmorpg and RP game
but i guess this is not an alcholics anonymous group :lol: so let's answer to some of yr questions:

Real name/location Ario / Milan, Italy
Character name Eladya
Class HOX
Level and pvp Level 80/ pvp lvl 6
Craft profession(s) Alchemist
Names of alts/class Anor DT
Raid Experience till T3
Length of time playing AoC
I have played for about 4/5 years from the release till Kitai Expansion,
and know i decide to play again to see what's new contents can offer the game

Favorite part of AoC Pve Dungeon/Raid
Least favorite part of AoC i don't like so much PVP
Average number of hours spent in AoC per week about 8/10h, it's depend on work/family business

Why would we want you in Destiny ?Is there anyone sponsoring you inside the guild already ?Anything you want to add ?
Know your Guild name from the start and know that you are the top guild for enjoy all game aspect
I know Yagwmoth & Tronkita was my guildleader in Mano Negra :D after Mano Negra i was a Cro Guild member till when they join Tainted Souls.

Hope i can enjoy the game with out guys& girl ! see y in game

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Re: Eladya

Post by tronkita » 13 Jun 2018 19:24

Ciao pirla :mrgreen:

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Re: Eladya

Post by Eladya » 13 Jun 2018 20:24

Ahahah ciao pakete!

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Re: Eladya

Post by Yawgmoth » 13 Jun 2018 23:46

LOL :lol:

Nice to see you back! :D
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Re: Eladya

Post by Crazy » 19 Jun 2018 09:34


Try and catch either Maero, Tronkita or me in game for a test and a chat.


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