What changes and what doesn't...

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What changes and what doesn't...

Post by Maero » 08 Jan 2014 15:53

Maero wrote:Hyboria hasn't been kind on us lately and boredom hurts our ranks more surely than Thot-Amon and his minions.
However we still have enough dedicated members to make a difference: Destiny's motto and goals will remain unchanged, we'll go through what it takes to remain amongst the best.

Our present, it's raiding ... first on Live to get some gear for our new recruits and on Test to prepare for our future.

So if you're some wanderer and feel like it, have motivation and energy ... you're only an application post away from joining a great Guild.

We have some rough days ahead but we'll succeed ... as usual ;)

Guild Leader of Destiny.

I posted this same news that I'm quoting 4 years ago on the day I was promoted from Senior Officer to Guild Leader.

Without even consulting me on it, the previous master of this place just left me with the shit he stirred and their consequences to deal with.

I'd say I inherited the guild in a pretty bad shape... with a great history and a reputation but a very grim future and like 18 active members left.

I did my best for 4 years to keep things going, in good times or in bad times, helped by each and every person who joined and contributed in a positive manner, for a short walk or a hell of a ride for certain. Together we shaped a new Destiny.

And here we are 4 years down the road, with like 4 ppl left from these days, only one of them active raider and me... trying my best again, helped by a very valuable group of people, the current members of this Guild.

So what ?

Destiny has been for all these years and still is one of the most successful guild, one of the few guilds with a future left in this game, one of the 4... four guilds who managed to kill the bat after last patch.

So allow me 4 years later to repost this old news with a strange feeling of "déjà vu" but a confident smile on my face ;)

Guild Leader of Destiny.
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Re: What changes and what doesn't...

Post by Shemeth » 08 Jan 2014 20:12

In Bavaria there is a adage "gut gebrüllt Löwe" - would translate it with "well roared Lion"
Guess nothing more to add :mrgreen:


Re: What changes and what doesn't...

Post by Shahir » 08 Jan 2014 23:34



Re: What changes and what doesn't...

Post by Sverd » 09 Jan 2014 03:25

Folsom would be proud! :>


Re: What changes and what doesn't...

Post by Shahir » 09 Jan 2014 15:53

Sverd wrote:Folsom would be proud! :>
Gimme some man love Shitwolf. :twisted:


Re: What changes and what doesn't...

Post by evangarstorm » 10 Jan 2014 10:28

The best thing that ever happened to me in my gaming life - its Destiny. I've joined few weeks before Maero had to take the leadership in the guild, was a rough times for the guild, we was just so close to be just another guild that goes in history ... but, u know, Destiny still is here. Good luck mates, love u all.

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