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Post by Heber » 30 Oct 2018 14:48

Real name/location: Heber / Spain
Character name: patatu
Class: assassin
Level and PvP Level: level 80-pvp 9
Craft profession(s): weaponsmith-grandmaster
Names of alts/class: hebeer-bear shaman, tekashi-demo,
Raid Experience: t4 to down medium/high experience, t5-t6 unexperienced.
Length of time playing AoC: since release but came back in 2014.
Favorite part of AoC: pvp-pve
Least favorite part of AoC: minigames
Average number of hours spent in AoC per week: more or less 21H
Something interesting about yourself!: im a friendly and nice guy.
Why would we want you in Destiny ?: i think i can be a good member and help in all i can.
Is there anyone sponsoring you inside the guild already ? i have some fury mate there but not for sponsor me
Anything you want to add ?:my age-19 Years

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Re: patatu-assassin

Post by Crazy » 31 Oct 2018 00:31

Try to catch Tronkita or Jonnymedic for a test and a chat.


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