Has someone XboxOne?

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Has someone XboxOne?

Post by Paput » 20 Jun 2015 17:06

As the topic. :roll:


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Re: Has someone XboxOne?

Post by Mistral » 21 Jun 2015 13:44

Sorry, don't have such... I Do have a PlayStation.
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Re: Has someone XboxOne?

Post by evangarstorm » 29 Jun 2015 16:49

When MS release a new Halo I could buy one, but its not 100% sure.


Re: Has someone XboxOne?

Post by Alusi » 09 Jul 2015 02:10

PS4 player here, only had one for about a year though, most reviews suggested PS4 was better so I went for one of those over xbox1.


Re: Has someone XboxOne?

Post by evangarstorm » 10 Jul 2015 17:44

Only benefit PS4 has over XONE is DDR5 vs DDR3 witch has some 10-15% performance advantage. Thing that I don't care much, especially when DX12 knocking on the door, which should give at least these percent's as increased performance in the future titles.

After that usually choice should be based on exclusive games for each console.

Like Uncharted 4 for PS4, or HALO 5 or Tomb Raider for XONE :)

Me personally XONE is a bit more interesting, with upcoming Win10 integration, streaming from console to pc and etc.

Whatever, I still think that consoles did very bad things to the gaming when started to pretend that its good choice for games genre which was born for keyboard and mouse, a.k.a. 3d shooters. With this move they killed my interest in consoles for many years.

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