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Post by Morce » 10 Sep 2013 15:28

One of the reasons I´m not that much online in the last few weeks is not only summer time and vacation etc., but this game as well :)


It´s a 4 player coop game from Digital Extremes for PC and PS4, something like ME3 multiplayer, only here it´s not only "horde mode" with waves of enemies, but there are several other types of missions as well. But yes, again there are various classes (aka warframes), weapons, mods, events.. but free movement (wallrunning ftw), craft and clan system, too. PvP is being slowly implemented, but atm is only for lols, the main focus is on PvE.

The game is still in open beta (Update 10 with Necro(! :twisted: ) warframe coming this week, prolly), stuff is being added, fixed or fully revamped, but from the tech side it´s pretty polished and stable (also updates/hotfixes coming with no downtimes *looks at FC*).
It´s a f2p game, where the only stuff you really need and can´t obtain ingame are warframe and weapon slots to store your chars and weapons, but you can always sell (for ingame currency) the old ones and replace them with the new items. Rest of real money stuff are either for convenience (rushing crafting timers; buying warframes/weapons without crafting them etc.) or for vanity (color schemes, visual addons etc.) as there is a crafting system with resources to obtain all the warframes and weapons (even "guild cities" with research labs for better weapons).

BTW for those who played Dark Sector (not me, eheh), this is pretty much how that game should look like initially, but publishers wanted to have it changed more into (at that time probably popular) "on Earth, present time" thing. Both games share quite of the lore, tho.

original Dark Sector concept

retail Dark Sector trailer

and finally, almost 10 years later, Warframe

more info on warframe.com, warframe.wikia.com , my ign: Argantes-svk :)
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Re: Warframe

Post by Shahir » 10 Sep 2013 16:38

Oooh, I remember Dark Sector, did it, was fun.

Maybe I'll give a try to Warframe ... on PS4 :twisted:


Re: Warframe

Post by Morce » 13 Aug 2014 14:28

still playing :) also it´s nice to observe how the game develops, gets polished and more mechanics, content and lore are being added as time goes by..

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