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G13 Thumb joystick issue - Resolved

Posted: 09 Mar 2013 11:18
by Alusi
If any of you use a Logitec G13 Gamepad and you use the thumb joystick for movement (brilliant btw once you get used to it) then you may encounter the issue I had over the last several months. Increasingly you start to do a double tap jump forward when ever first moving the thumbpad to the up/fwd move position. This is terrible in PvP and in PvE you lose a 2 seconds of dps when it happens.

Well after several weeks of trying to fix this in various ways I decided to get myself a new G13 (the one I had was about 3 years old and falling to pieces) and the issue has totally disapeared.

So basically the hardware was worn out from playing too much AoC on it :oops:

New is shiny and nice and well worth getting, esp to fix this dam annoying problem. ;)