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Post by evangarstorm » 05 Dec 2011 16:14

lol, this guy beat Chuck Norris :D



Post by syra » 22 Feb 2012 18:48

O____O! 1960 scifi - adventure of a crew that been wandering in space for way to long and they loosing something not saying what else it be spoliler!
And there is an evil AI O_O!


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Post by stingg » 16 Mar 2012 14:29

Heey that's a classic ! :D :D

The leading guy is the greatest action star of turkish cinema of the 70's. One of his movies is called "The Man Who Never Fell". At the last scene he dies standing. :P


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Post by stingg » 16 Mar 2012 14:39

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Post by Gurnax » 16 Jun 2012 15:47

From time to time one runs into something unexpected in his own movie collection (but I guess that is how it goes when one has 3200 film titles in it).

A man who has two thumbs on his one hand (!) commits a crime and hides in a circus where he pretends to be a man with no arms in order not to be discovered (because people with more than two thumbs are not that frequent, so he is pretty easy to spot if not hiding his extra's). Working in circus, he participates in an act where he throws knives with his feet, and does practically every other possible thing with them, even undresses a girl while throwing knives, which brings us to a rather psychoanalytical twist. Also, while in circus, he meets a girl who has phobia of men arms. He falls in love with her of course, and because he doesn't want her to think of him as a liar, he goes through a surgery and actually removes his both arms. Alas, the girl he fell in love with overcomes her phobia at about the same time.

A bizarre film possible as a Hollywood A-production film only in times when it was made (1927), before numerous censorship codes. While remaining bizarre from beginning to the end, it is far from being distasteful. A rather curious film for someone who is up for that kind of nightmarish entertainment. Posting this about it here because there aren't many chances to hear about Tod Browning's The Unknown.

And here is one short part from it:
“Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.”
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Post by stingg » 09 Jul 2012 15:48

Documentary on Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movie. (Which is the best batman movie ever.)


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Post by Shahir » 16 Jul 2012 15:59

Season 05 started yesterday, gogogogo.


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Post by stage » 21 Jul 2012 14:42


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Post by Alusi » 09 Aug 2012 19:03

If you have not tried yet you must see A Game of thrones. I have watched the 1st 6/10 1hr episodes over the last week or so and its really really good. :D

Official website

Wiki info

Its unlike anything I have seen in the past with this type of setting. It has great character development, gritty and gruesome combat, loads of sex. (its deffinately for adults only this one!)I would say perhaps its an adult version of Lord of the rings but with no Elves or hobbits and very little magic that doesnt really fit :roll:

The whole thing is based on a series of books (see wiki link) so it looks like there will be many seasons of this. ALso It has had lots of good reviews and been nomintaed for awards.

My Fav character is Tyrion Lannister, mockingly nicknamed the Imp and Halfman, he is a malformed human dwarf hes cocky and very clever, he gets others to fight his battles ;)

Try it now, Im hooked :)

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