The cookie-devil! About flashcookies

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The cookie-devil! About flashcookies

Post by Vixxun » 23 Oct 2011 21:20

Cookies on dynamite, beware them!
Its like cookies but it stores "oh-so-much" more information

Heres one example "Iesnare"-flashcookie:

Iesnare is a ‘reputation management’ system by a company called Iovation that stores a digital fingerprint of your current system in a database on their website. That fingerprint can then be accessed by all of their customers - ie online gaming websites - to track your online activity

some of the things i did today to try to fix it:

1. betterprivacy firefox plugin
2. changed flashsettings at ... ger06.html and ... ger03.html
3. right click on the folder and select properties click on security tab, then click once on system account then click deny read/write access and click save/ok
4. blocking access in firewall
5. using "start private browsing" in firefox

i will probably forget to do all this when i install windows 8 in a year, so thats why i wrote it down here (and in a notepad.txt) :)

hope yall are doing alright!

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